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Paraffin Wax Block Trimmer

Excellent wax trimming unit for paraffin blocks. Contains inbuilt wax collection tray for easy cleaning.

Key Benefits:

• Ergonomically designed hand rest, operator is able to maintain firm positioning of the unit during operation.
• Simple and pleasing design, the unit is water proof, well insulated and heat resistant
• Unique heating system, fast heat up with accurate and constant temperature
• Tilted aluminum alloy heating surface with grooves, offers smooth drainage of excess waste wax
• Built-in waste collection drawer, for ease and convenient waste collection and disposal


Dimensions 285*160*120(mm)
Weight 1.95kg
Line-in (Voltage) AC230V~50Hz 0.3A
Rating 50W
Surface temperature 85°C (±2°C)
Working Temp. 5°C - 40°C
Prehear time 5-8mins


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