HP300 Plus Tissue Processor



Automatically check key operation parameters before the process starts, minimizing the possibility of malfunction from the beginning.

Dual air pump system

Two air pumps can work individually or jointly to ensure instrument accountability.

Dual temperature sensors

Shift control algorithm spontaneously to provide excellent temperature control.

Component monitoring

Real-time monitoring of components and parameter settings. Together with intelligent analysis and precaution, further offers great overall performance.


Auto electric lock

Electric lock can be triggered on touch screen effortlessly and offers better sealing.

Retort lid heating

Backup Temperature Control Dual-sensor temperature control, auto-switch in control algorithm.

Back-lit reagent cabinet

Blue lights illuminate reagent bottles, know liquid level at a glance.

Cleaning xylene pre-heating

Heating module under cleaning xylene bottles can heat to 40 - 55℃, further improving cleaning performance and efficiency.

Twice wax draining

Drain wax a second time before xylene cleaning to reduce wax residue and save cleaning reagents

Specimen safety

Cloud remote monitoring

Have the status in control even while away, remind via multiple methods when a risk is detected.

Automatic Concentration Monitoring (ACM)

On-board high precision sensors detect alcohol concentration to prevent incorrect replenishment.

Ceramic rotary valve

Heat-resistant ceramic valve significantly reduces blockage caused by wax attachment and thus promotes the stability and accuracy of liquid delivery.

Ultrasonic sensors

Ultrasonic sensors unaffected by wax build ups are able to provide correct liquid level information consistently.

Intelligent features

Reagent Bottle Intelligent Identification System (RBIIS)

Identification module built in every reagent bottle enables auto reagent information extraction and position detection to streamline reagent management.

Auto fill-up

Fill reagent or paraffin to appropriate level from corresponding reagent group when remaining liquid in the bottle is insufficient and alert operator, so as to avoid sample from accidental drying.

Remote fill & drain

Reagent ports exclusively for easy and automatic remote fill & drain. Following auto pipe cleaning eliminates cross contamination.

Wax Purification

Innovative wax purification feature removes solvent residue in wax, extending its service life.

Designed with safety and innovation in mind, the HP300 Plus tissue processor is engineered to enable a smooth and effective workflow for your laboratory.