PI Smart Twin Hopper Slide Printer

The Pyramid Innovation Twin Hopper Slide Printing System is fully integrated with two automated slide dispense hoppers. This provides the option of twice the capacity of the single hopper model or the ability to load two unique slide types. Once a slide label has been created, the user can select between two automated dispense or one manual load position reducing the need to swap out slides as samples are processed.

The user can manually select the hopper to be used when printing slides or can use Intelligent Slide Selection. The Intelligent Slide Selection System can automatically determine the slide required for individual samples by analysing the label image to determine the sample type and correct slide required for the sample. The Twin Hopper Slide Printer then automatically dispenses the right slide type and prints the slide.


The Twin Hopper Slide Printer uses the thermal transfer process to print label information onto standard microscope slides. The same process used on the Pi Slide and Thermo Scientific Slide Mate AS slide printers. The Twin Hopper Slide Printer reliably prints letters, numbers, symbols and linear and two-dimensional barcodes. The durable dark print stands up to typical laboratory sample processing. The printed barcodes are reliably scannable to uniquely identify slides even after staining and coverslipping.


Pyramid Innovation manufacture the Pi Slide Printer and SlideMate AS slide printer; these printers are proven to be highly reliable. The Twin Hopper Slide Printer utilises many of the same components used on these two models. The Twin Hopper model uses the same simple mechanical systems providing the same highly reliable design. The laboratory can count on this unit to work day after day with very little preventive maintenance required.


Operation of the Twin Hopper Slide Printer is controlled through a high resolution touch screen display. The menu structure and appearance is designed to be as easy to operate as a mobile phone.


The fully integrated barcode scanner is able to automate data entry; a simple scan of a barcode can log users in and out of the system or can create a new slide label for printing.


The small size of the Twin Hopper Slide Printer means it fits easily next to the microtome. The Twin Hopper Slide Printer is only slightly bigger than the PiSlide or SlideMate AS slide printer.


If your laboratory is currently printing slide labels using a Zebra paper label printer, the Twin Hopper Slide Printer automatically accepts the Zebra label information and prints directly onto the painted end of the microscope slide eliminating the need to apply paper labels to slides.


The hardware of the Pyramid Innovation Twin Hopper Slide Printer is a Linux PC that includes peripherals and data management. It can be used with other Pyramid Innovator sample tracking products to provide sample security and specimen integrity. Process information includes:
• User log-in information to identify the technician that sectioned the sample and created the slide
Time and date stamp to identify when the slide was produced
Unique transaction ID
Instrument ID is recorded providing the location of the slide printer where the slide was printed

The Twin Hopper Slide Printer includes all standard PC connections:
• USB Printing Port
• Ethernet Connection
• Two USB - A Ports for uploading and downloading information
• Integrated scanner and keyboard means you never have to fix connectivity issues or manage wired connections.
The Twin Hopper Slide Printer connects easily avoiding costly IT support charges.

This state of the art slide printer features both On-Demand & Batch printing workflows, as well as a software tracking suite for chain of custody handling of your specimens.