Online Collaborative Telepathology Diagnostic Solution For Microscopes

As a pathologist, you know the value of sharing tissue slides and gross specimens with physicians, surgeons or assistants. With Remote Medical Technologies’ new iMedHD2™ Telepathology system, you can share HD slides and gross specimens with colleagues in the next building – or across the country – in real-time. Compliment or augment your WSI system, Remote Medical Technologies offers the best in class add-on capabilities.

Easily Share Slides – No “techie” Skills Needed

The only live telepathology system to feature true 1920 x 1080 HD technology, iMedHD2™ lets you share and view spectacularly crisp, clear HD images right down to the cellular level.

Send a URL or access your desktop icon (with moderator approved authentication) and voila! – your colleagues see tissue slides as you see them right on their monitors. Annotation tools let you point to areas of the slide or quickly grab a screen shot. iMedHD2™ works on desktops, laptops – even tablets and iPads.

Why consider the iMedHD2™ Telepathology System?

  • Real-Time High Definition Performance – The only system to feature true 1920 x 1080 HD for spectacular views right down to the sub-nuclear level.
  • Intuitive & Easy To Use – All you do is share a URL or access your desktop icon; absolutely no scanning required.
  • Multiple Applications – Share fine and transbronchial needle aspiration biopsies, frozen sections – anything that can be seen by your HD camera.
  • HIPAA Secure – Share the secure URL with trusted colleagues, then confirm their login.
  • Faster Decision Making & Treatment – Efficiently collaborate with colleagues in real-time for improved patient care.
  • Reduce Travel & Shipping Costs – No more travelling, risk of breakage, or lost specimens.
  • Eliminate Slide Scanning- iMedHD™ is a live telepathology system, therefore you don’t have to wait for a whole slide image scan.
  • Gorgeous Imaging Regardless Of Screen ResolutionDisplay Mapper technology maps and scales participants monitor resolution for full screen HD views.

Share Tissue Slides and Fine Needle Aspirations in Real-Time - Absolutely No Scanning Required!