Microscope Sterile Storage Cabinet

Key Features:

  • 2 Stage filtration - Aluminium filter removes particles > 0.4 microns & sterilization camber kills all active micro organisms in the air including fungus and mould.
  • UVC discharge lamp reduce humidity inhibating mould and fungus growth.
  • Filter kill mould and fungus already on instruments by removing particles from air destroying food source.
  • Air curtain prevents contaminated air entering cabiner when door is opened and closed.
  • Programmable timer maximizes between lifespan of fan, filter and discharge lamp and reduces energy consumption.
  • Independently tested by SIRIM, NUS & Canadian Standard Association
  • User friendly control panel
  • 3 Shelves


Unit Dimension 1900mm high x 900mm wide x 750mm deep
Work Surface
  • 900mm high for fixed models
  • 860-1050mm for elevating models
Door Toughened Glass
Filters 2 stage; Aluminium & UVC
  • 240v 50 Hz

The Microscope Sterile Storage Solution, the Emec S100 creates a low humidity sterile environment, inhabiting and killing mould and fungus, keeping instruments such as microscopes, film and electric components free from contamination