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Trimming Blades & Handles

Trimming knives MS130 and MS260 are special blades for cutting tissue samples without causing deformations of hard tissues with fibres, soft or semi-fixed organs.

The versatility of the blades and the durable precision cutting edges for longer reliable and precise sectioning makes these blades indispensable in various fields of histology. MS130 and MS260  are made of stainless steel for more improvement to your work. Blades and handles sold separately. See below for details:

  • MS130 - 130mm trimming blade
  • MS260 - 260mm trimming blade
  • MS800H - Handle for disposable microtome blades like the MS200 & MS300.
  • MS130H - Handle for MS130 blade
  • MS260H - Handle for MS260 blade

Trimming blades and handles in both 130mm and 260mm sizing.