EXAKT Micro Grinder 400CS

The EXAKT 400CS grinder allows the safe production of thin sections down to 10 μm thickness..


  • Coplanar tolerance - precise down to the micron.
  • Vacuum mounting for different sample slide sizes.
  • Highly precise measuring sensor for precise setting of material removal in steps down to the μ.
  • Gentle and controlled removal through gravimetric setting of grinding force.
  • Homogenous grind thanks to continuously adjustable oscillation of the sample in combination with grinding disk speed.
  • Integrated water rinsing in vacuum head.
  • Variety of abrasive and polishing papers (backing material and grit), suitable for your application.

Create μ-accurate and reproducible plane-parallel thin sections with the EXAKT 400 CS grinder. Our precise measuring technology allows you to accurately set the required material removal. The grinding and polishing processes are achieved with an accuracy of less than 5 μm depending on the selected type and fineness of the sandpaper.