Fan Pad Mini

  • One of the most popular items we sell. Super useful for a wide range of applications like grossing, tissue transport and small volume spills of formalin. Easy to use formalin neutralisation in easily tearable sheets from a roll. Better than regular wipes as it ensures that your waste bin isn't a major source of formalin fumes for your workplace!

  • Sizing: 11" x 10" per Sheet/Pad. Each sheet absorbs up to 20ml of 10% formalin.

  • Carton: 6 rolls per carton for a total of 330 sheets per carton. 11" x 10" per Sheet/Pad.

  • Applications: Minor formalin spills, grossing & tissue transport

Paper Towel Style Formalin Neutralising Wipes. Fan Pad Minis are pictured left.