Modular Paraffin Embedding Center

All modules operate at the same working height and can be arranged accordingly to laboratory requirements. The flexible 3-module system consists of a dispensing element MPS P, a prewarming module MPS W and a cooling plate MPS C or MPS CX.

  • Manual lever and foot switch for paraffin dispensing
  • Spacious cooling spot
  • Magnifier, adjustable
  • Arm rest for optimized working ergonomics
  • Spacious and heated paraffin collection tray
  • Paraffin container, volume 5.5 liters
  • Programmable operating times
  • Magnetic forceps holders, easily adjustable
  • LED-illumination, adjustable
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Integrated heated wax trimmer: Efficiently removes excess paraffin from any embedding tissue cassette; Paraffin is easily melted away and drains into the removable tray below; Physical damages (e.g. due to conventional trimming tools such as knife or razor) are consequently avoided; Large scale design of the trimmer area enables simultaneous paraffin trimming of multiple blocks
  • Large variety of electrically heated forceps (optional)

The modular paraffin embedding center MPS2 features ease of operation, spacious working area, large paraffin container capacity.