Customised Industrial Filtering & Deodorising System

  • Disinfect & deodorise your air with the state-of-the art Nano Confined Catalytic Oxidation reactor.
  • Effectively removes bacteria, viruses and TVOCs (including formaldehyde and xylene).
  • Protects health of employees- providing better working environment and increase in productivity.
  • Collects allergens & prevents inhalation of suspended particulates.
  • Concentration of PM2.5 and ozone reaches IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) excellent class.
  • Longest filter life in industry.
  • AC 110-240V / 50-60Hz

This tailor made system is manufactured to include our world-wide patented NCCO technology. It is the ideal solution for industrial or commercial emission, the central air system of buildings and projects that need a large air handling system.




Unit Dimension 2100 (L) x 800(W) x 600(H)mm
Weight 100kg
Power Supply AC 220 – 240V / 50 Hz
Power Consumption 1500W