PI Smart Cassette Printer


Laboratories are asking for smaller faster printers that can easily fit at the grossing workstation. Printing at point of use has been proven to reduce the number of labelling errors within the laboratory. The Pyramid Innovation On Demand cassette printer is a next generation printer that brings together all the essential elements required for On-Demand printing. It is small, fast, quiet and easy to use.

Print Speed -The Pyramid Innovation cassette printer can print fast, one cassette every five seconds, provides cassettes to the grossing technician, keeping pace with routine work flow.


– A footprint of less than a letter size sheet of paper, about the same size as the Pyramid Innovation slide printer, meaning it is easily integrated into the grossing workstation. The printer has a built in Linux PC and colour touch screen to provide the same simple user interface found on other Pyramid Innovation products. The integrated barcode scanner and touch screen eliminate the need to connect and configure devices making set-up fast and easy.


The Pyramid Innovation cassette printer uses the thermal transfer process to print high quality black type and barcodes onto the face of standard size tissue cassettes. Thermal transfer printing is a time tested process which has been used to print cassette label information for over 30 years. The non-impact print method means the printing process is much quieter than other systems. Pyramid Innovation cassette printers can print single cassettes in less than five seconds, printing text and barcodes that are resistant to standard laboratory chemicals. The dark black print provides a high contrast making it easier to read by the laboratory staff. The high contrast also facilitates easier scanning of the barcode at the microtome or other workstations where successful scanning rates are critical.


For laboratories that utilise batch printing work flow methods, the Pyramid Innovation On-Demand cassette printer provides the ability to verify pre-printed cassettes match the tissue container currently being grossed. This verification process can discover and identify a routine sample mismatch allowing the grossing technician to fix the issue at the earliest possible point in the process. If additional cassettes are required, the On Demand printer can easily print the next sample number needed reducing the time to obtain additional cassettes. The Pyramid Innovation cassette and slide printers have built-in connectivity to our PC based data capture and reporting application call the Hub. The Hub is designed to store and report on data sent to it from all connected devices such as printers. The Hub can report errors in real time enabling corrections to be made more promptly. The Hub also has a built-in report generator that can produce time saving reports on slide and cassette throughput and volume etc.

Process information includes:
• User log-in information to identify the technician that grossed the sample and created the cassette
• Time and date stamp to identify when the cassette was produced
• Unique transaction ID
• Instrument ID is recorded providing the location of the cassette printer where the cassette was printed
• Sample ID information including container and block ID’s

True-Black 300 DPI cassette printing in both On Demand and Batch methodology, as well as a software tracking suite for chain of custody handling of your specimens.