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Anatomical Pathology

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G Series Pathology Grossing Station

No matter the size of your work space or nature of your operation, EMEC grossing stations can be customised precisely to suit your needs, or choose from our standard models.

Laboratory safety is an ever growing concern particularly with regards to exposure to chemicals and fumes. EMEC Technology is committed to safety in the laboratory by providing hospital pathology equipment, using the latest technology and designs ensuring safety, efficient and comfortable environment for your laboratory personnel.

High Capacity Section Dryer Oven

The High Capacity Section Dryer differs from the Mini Section Dryer mainly through it’s size. Designed to give maximum drying capacity for high workload laboratories. Air at a digitally controlled temperature is blown through the base of the instrument for rapid and efficient section drying without the risk of overheating the specimen. Through this process, drying times can be reduced by approximately 75% when compared to conventional ovens

D150 Pathology Downdraft Table

EMEC D150 Workstation is equipped with a downdraft ventilation system ensuring the operator is completely protected from harmful fumes. The workstation is either exhausted or can be fitter with recirculating exhaust system with efficiency filters which safety neutralize the harmful fumes, particularly xylene and formalin.

Slimline Slide Drying Hot Plate

The Slimline Slide Drying Hotplate is designed to efficiently dry paraffin tissue sections using a digital temperature control that provides accurate control of the drying temperature. An ultra-fast heating system ensures a rapid warm up time prior to use.

Cincinnati Blade Handles No. 8

Cincinnati blade handles are manufactured from special cold-formed nickel steel. Each handle is designed to incorporate a satin finish, smooth loading and balance. Handles are stainless steel and non-sterile. #8 thin handle, fits #60 & #70 blades, 1 each

Margin Marker Tissue Marking Dyes

Permanent tissue marking dyes. Seven colors formulated to define margins without bleeding or fading. Durable, bright dyes hold permanently through processing and staining procedures. Unique lids may either be completely removed or conveniently flipped open to prevent drying. 2 or 8 oz bottles.