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Anatomical Pathology

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CO2 Incubators

D180-P air jacket CO2 incubator is a device used to grow and maintain microbiological cultures or cell cultures which is essential for experimental work to culture eukaryotic cells. It's six side air jacket heating technology makes the CO2 concentration control reliable.

Automatic Cell Counter

RWD automated cell counter for life sciences is a reliable cell counting device with highly intelligent analysis software and excellent microscopy optics. It can accurately identify the live cells, dead cells and the ones with specific fluorescence in just a few seconds.

Microscope Sterile Storage Cabinet

The Microscope Sterile Storage Solution, the Emec S100 creates a low humidity sterile environment, inhabiting and killing mould and fungus, keeping instruments such as microscopes, film and electric components free from contamination

T Series Dual Pathology Grossing...

No matter the size of your work space or nature of your operation, EMEC grossing stations can be customised precisely to suit your needs, or choose from our standard models.

Laboratory safety is an ever growing concern particularly with regards to exposure to chemicals and fumes. EMEC Technology is committed to safety in the laboratory by providing hospital pathology equipment, using the latest technology and designs ensuring safety, efficient and comfortable environment for your laboratory personnel.

Embedding Cold Plate

Wexis's CP380 is an ideal assistant in pathology embedding and sectioning process. Effectively maintaining paraffin block temperature for smooth sectioning.

Cellceps Heated Embedding Forceps

The CellCeps+ heated forceps are electrically heated instruments designed to assist in the orientation and positioning of histological specimens during embedding in paraffin wax. They incorporate safe, low-voltage heating elements which maintain an optimum temperature for manipulation of specimens in histological wax. They may be used continuously without adjustment and without significantly influencing the temperature of the tissue.

Mini Section Dryer Oven

The Mini Section Dryer is an innovative small footprint section dryer, designed for use at the microtome for improved LEAN workflow. Air at a digitally controlled temperature is blown through the base of the instrument for rapid and efficient section drying without the risk of overheating specimen. Through this process, drying times can be reduced by approximately 75% compared to conventional ovens.

F50 LBC Processor

State of the art liquid cytology processor brings unparalleled cellular clarity with the bonus of cost effective savings. This unit ends the reign of the Cytospin.

Block Wax Trimmer Plus

CellPath’s Block Trimmer+ efficiently removes excess paraffin from the outside of a tissue cassette following embedding. The edges and writing surface of the tissue cassette are de-waxed effortlessly by passing the paraffin block across the patterned heated work surface. Melted paraffin wax is then collected in a disposable collection pot.

Slimline Wax Dispenser 7.5L

The novel design of the Slimline Wax Dispenser ensures a minimum requirement for bench space, whilst still maintaining a large 7.5L capacity tank for melting up to 6kg of pelletised wax at a time.

C30 LBC Processor

Ideal for mid-sized labs processing less than 300 slides per day. The system is designed to be “walk-away” and has positive sample identification.