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Performance Pathology Printers.

Future proof your cassette & slide labelling with the state of the art PiSmart Cassette & Slide Printers. Featuring On-Demand printing, Track & Trace and Chain of Custody handling.

Longest Filter Life. Highest Efficacy.

Solve your workplace's dangerous fume issues once and for all. The NCCO Air Purifiers cover a wide range of pollutants and actually neutralise them rather than collect them like other competitor models. What's more they do not require expensive external extraction systems saving you thousands.

Bulk Liquid to Small Spills.

Our range of formalin neutralising products protect you, your staff and the environment covering everything from bulk disposal, cutup, tissue transport and spill kits.

Near Instant Scan of Full Trays.

Live tracking, reporting, near-instant scanning & logging of your blocks and slides from accessioning through to archiving with our range of easy to use instruments.

Safe. Precise. Accurate.

Industry leading bandsaws that won't let you down. Cut difficult samples without degrading the specimen or requiring long decal solutions.

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