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CO2 Incubators

D180-P air jacket CO2 incubator is a device used to grow and maintain microbiological cultures or cell cultures which is essential for experimental work to culture eukaryotic cells. It's six side air jacket heating technology makes the CO2 concentration control reliable.


  • Six – side Air Jacket Heating System Ensures Fast Heating
  • Easy to Remove Waterpan Maintains High Humidity
  • Accurate IR Sensor Monitors the CO2 Conc. Changes


  • High Efficient Sterilization by 140℃ Dry Heat
  • In-chamber HEPA to Filter the Microorganism
  • Interrior Containing Copper to Prevent Bacteria Growth


  • Sensitive Heat -resistant IR Sensor Free from Calibration
  • 7-inch Touchscreen Controller for Real-time Display
  • Automatic Data Record of 7 Days and Curve Display


  • Monitoring of the Outer & Inner doors , Over-Time Alarm
  • Monitoring of CO2 Intake Pressure, Low Conc. Alarm
  • Monitoring of Status in the Incubator,Abnormal Alarm


Control & Range ±0.1℃, 5°C above ambient to 50°C
Heating Method Air jacket
Uniformity ±0.3℃ @ 37℃
Alarm Setting ±5°C
Sensor Platinum thermistor
Controller PID
Readability & Setability 0.1℃
Sterilization Method 140℃ dry heat sterilization
Control & Range Better than ±0.1% ; 0-20%
Sensor Heat-resistant infrared (IR) sensor

CO2 Concentration:

Inlet Pressure 1.0 bar (recommended)
Uniformity ±0.3%
Readability & Setability 0.10%
Alarm Setting ±1%


Humidity Pan Volume ~3.8 L
Display 1% RH


Dimensions 47.0×47.0 cm
Surface Area (Standard & Max) 214. 6 cm2 ; 220.7 cm2
Number (Standard & Max) 3 ; 16

Size & Weight:

Interior Volume 175 L
Interior Dimensions 51.0 (W) ×54.7 (D) ×67.5 (H) cm
Exterior Dimensions 66.0 (W) ×67.0 (D) ×97.0 (H) cm
Net Weight 110 kg (242.5 lbs)