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G Series Pathology Grossing Station

No matter the size of your work space or nature of your operation, EMEC grossing stations can be customised precisely to suit your needs, or choose from our standard models.

Laboratory safety is an ever growing concern particularly with regards to exposure to chemicals and fumes. EMEC Technology is committed to safety in the laboratory by providing hospital pathology equipment, using the latest technology and designs ensuring safety, efficient and comfortable environment for your laboratory personnel.

Standard Features:

  • Available in 1.5m or 1.8m width variants as standard
  • Back and down draft high volume exhaust
  • Fixed height work surface
  • Deep integral sink with removable perforated cover plate
  • Cold water outlet with standard or wrist blade handle and vacuum breaker
  • Powerful light giving clearly illuminated work surface
  • Twin IP65 water resistance socket outlet for plugging in appliances
  • Integral inch/cm ruler
  • High quality stainless steel construction
  • Hands free operated waste disposal and water outlets
  • Heavy duty waste disposal 0.5Hp
  • Stainless steel paper towel holder and magnetic instrument bar
  • Formalin dispenser and collecting tank
  • Microprocessor control panel & alarm

Optional Features:

  • Camera arm
  • Magnifying arm
  • Heavy duty waste disposal 0.75Hp
  • Hand free dictation system with digital recording
  • Mixer water outlet with vacuum breaker
  • Motorised Height adjustable up to 1050mm worktop height
  • Velocity Alarm
  • Monitor and keyboard arm


Unit Dimension 1500mm wide x 2100mm high x 800mm deep
Length can be customised as per user request
Work Surface
  • 900mm high for fixed models
  • 860-1050mm for elevating models
Sink 350mm x 430mm x 250mm deep
Filters 2 formaldehyde neutralizing pottasium permanganate filters
  • 240v 50 Hz, 1 Phase, 5 Amps
  • Requires 13 amp power supply, facility supplied RCD recommended
  • 1/2" industrial grade flexible hose supplied for hot and cold water connection
  • 1 1/2" ID UPC Heavy Duty flexible hose for connection to drainage